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Your library card can be the ticket to an amazing destination

Recently I spent time in Savannah, GA, where, on a local hotel TV channel, I viewed John Berendt, author of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.berendt  He described how he fell in love with Savannah and decided to live there for a while.  His book not only details the murder that took place at the historical Mercer house, but also depicts Savannah's history, beauty, and some of its idiosyncratic residents.  Upon returning home, I checked out the book and the movie and found myself looking for details that would remind me that "I had been there, done that."  Whether you have traveled and would like to relive the moment, or if you only want to travel vicariously, one of our librarians can help you find an enjoyable destination through a book and/or movie.  Who said the family vacation was cancelled this year?