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Lifehack at your Library

Lifehacking is, in simple terms, "anything that solves an everyday problem in a clever or non-obvious way." If you subscribe to the most popular lifehacker blogs, you'll find articles on anything ranging from setting up a TiVO to making a fake wallet in case you get mugged.

Here are ten ways to get the most out of your library:
  1. Save cash by borrowing instead of buying. This is probably the most basic idea behind lending libraries in the first place -- but if you don't know all the good stuff your library has, or if you're used to the convenience of Amazon, it can be easy to forget. Try adding a set time in your weekly schedule to visit the library.
  2. Get the librarians to help you. Most libraries have reference librarians ready to help you find materials or get you started on your research. They'll even give you personalized reading recommendations.
  3. Cancel your magazine subscriptions. If you're anything like me, you let the magazines pile up, then finally breeze through all of them in one fell swoop. By visiting the library instead, you'll have access to more magazines, minus the subscription fees.
  4. Get Inspiration. There's nothing like browsing the stacks to get the creative juices flowing. Here are some Dewey numbers to get you started: early 000s = Computers, 150s = Self-help, 300s = Social Sciences, 640s = Home Economics, 650s = Career + Business, 700s = Art, 910s = Travel
  5. Swipe some wifi. Depending on where you live/work and how much free time you have, the library may be a better place to surf the web than your local coffee shop (and many libraries have those, too). If you use Google Gears with your email and feed reader, it can be a great way to keep everything updated on the go.
  6. Tune in to your community. Libraries are great places to find out about what's going on in your community. Often, it's a lot more than you think. This can be a great networking opportunity, plus additional benefits like continuing education classes or entertainment.
  7. Get what's not on the Internet. Libraries subscribe to special databases where you can get scholarly articles, old newspapers, genealogical records, financial statistics, and even demographic distributions for making a business plan. Often you can access them from home.
  8. Hold meetings. A library is a great place to hold a meeting because they're neutral territory, generally easy to find and park, and often have rooms for the public to use. Along with the obligatory table and dry erase board, you also have the benefit of all the other things on the list, including wifi. Tip: use the whiteboard as a projector screen.
  9. Avoid forgetting about that cool new book/DVD. When you first hear that your favorite author is publishing a new book, or that the movie you saw months ago is coming to DVD, it's usually in advance of the release date. Most libraries will let you request a hold for a book, so you can reserve it well ahead of when it actually hits the shelves. You will then be notified when it's available, so there's no need to mark anything on your calendar.
  10. Free up space on your DVR. Check your library's catalog. If they have the TV series or movie that you've been keeping in queue for a rainy day, you can clear up some spots without worry. Unless, that is, you like to fast-forward through commercials needlessly.