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Hosting An At-Home Children's Birthday Party

Got the birthday party blues? Want to host a wonderful birthday party for your youngster but can’t afford the trendy birthday venues? Then throw a great children’s party at home. It’s easy and fun with some great craft and food ideas from some books at the CPL. I would recommend the easy to follow craft books, The Crafty Diva’s D.I. Y. Stylebook, and make it!. Both are loaded with information and ideas for simple crafts that are appropriate for kids aged 5 to 18. As an added bonus, all the crafts contained within make it! are eco-friendly because they are made from items you would normally recycle or throw away. Not only do you save money by having your party at home, but you can help the environment and your budget by creating terrific crafts from materials you already have around your home. And don’t forget the party food. You will find easy recipes for great snacks that look amazing and are easy to make with the book, Fairy Cooking. These recipes are simple, fun and pleasing to the eye. So go ahead, don’t be afraid, take the plunge and check out these books and host a wonderful birthday party at home that your kids will long remember.


Mon, 2009-09-21 17:29

Dear Mrs. Estoker,

I really liked your blog on the CPL website and found it to be interesting reading.

As a matter of fact, I'm curious to look/read about the information you referred to regarding "Hosting An At-Home Children's Birthday Party". I'm sure it'll be fun and easy for anyone to create their own crafts, plus, make friends at the same time. It takes alot of patience, time, and creativity to make Birthday parties enjoyable.

Congratulations and look forward to reading more.