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Manga Drawing Contest '09 Image Gallery

You can now see all of our participant's entries in our image gallery. We had almost 70 people enter this year, and with so many of the entries being really fantastic the judging was very tough. Thank you to everyone who entered! We enjoyed seeing everyone's art, and hopefully you will too! Included below is the list of winners only:

5-6 Grade Winners
1st Place Jimmy Xue
2nd Place: Alice Wu
3rd Place: Freyja Hofler 
Honorable Mention (no prize awarded): Rosa Chen

7-9 Grade Winners
1st Place: Rachel Xiang
2nd Place: Kevin Lee
3rd Place: Helen Zhou
Honroable Mention (no prize awarded): Franky Hang

10-12 Grade Winners
1st Place: Melissa Wang
2nd Place: Rujia Zha
3rd Place: Laura Luo
Honorable Mention (no prize awarded): Shirley wu
Honroable Mention (no prize awarded): Lulu tang