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Arab Israeli Conflict; This Day in History

On April 25th, 1982,  Israel gave the Sinai Peninsula back to Egypt which it had captured in June 1967 in the 7 Days War. Why and how is it possible that this country of Israel keeps winning and forfeiting territory in the Holy Land? What will this conflict mean for the future of our world? For a biblical perspective on the land ownership question in the Middle East, see Who Owns the Land by Stanley Ellisen. For a gripping, personal account of this never-ending struggle from the Palestinian perspective, see Son of Hamas by Mosab Yousef. For an idea of how Israel has fulfilled past Bible prophecy in Middle East history and will fulfill it in the future, see Blood in the Sand by Benny Hinn. For a listing of other resources on the Arab-Israeli conflict, see the subject Arab-Israeli Conflict in our catalog.