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The Help by Kathryn Stockett

Now, close your eyes and breathe deep to take yourself to a place in the deep, south cotton plantations of Mississippi. The year is 1962 and integration has hardly begun. Most white women rarely finish college because their place is in the home. They become young mothers, some more successful than others and many can afford the luxury to hire help. Slaves have been free for over one hundred years, but something that has not died with slavery is the typical mammy figure, a big strong black woman that takes care and nurtures the children of white women.

The Library Hotel

Library Hotel In Manhattan, New York there is a library hotel that has taken the Dewey decimal system to heart and has each numbered room and floor match the category it would in the Dewey decimal system. It is complete with not only room service but a room that is full of books with that topic matter. For example, the third floor is the social sciences containing rooms that are themed with law, money and world culture and the fourth floor is the study of languages. There are a total of twelve floors.

What Libraries Stand For in America

When searching the library shelves for books and movies or stopping in to surf the net on one of the public computers does anyone really stop to think about how the library service was born? Today, most districts, cities and schools contain at least one public library and this can be taken for granted. What some do not realize is the role the library plays in equal opportunity education. The people who can not afford picture books for their children can check them out at the library or the people who can not afford college are given the opportunity to research scholarships.