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White Collar

White Collar [season 1 DVDs available here] is a procedural crime drama about FBI white collar crime expert Peter Burke and his former-art-forger-and-thief confidential informant Neal Caffrey, who in conjunction with his friend Mozzie (pictured) use unconventional tactics to bring criminals to justice. If you enjoy this fictionalization, try some of these true stories of brilliant theft and deception:

Gaming the game: the story behind the NBA betting scandal and the gambler who made it happen by Sean Patrick Griffin

Literary hoaxes: an eye-opening history of famous frauds by Melissa Katsoulis

Madoff with the money by Jerry Oppenheimer

Fun while it lasted [electronic resource]: my rise and fall in the land of fame and fortune by Bruce McNall with Michael D'Antonio

The art of making money: the story of a master counterfeiter by Jason Kersten

The match king: Ivar Kreuger, the financial genius behind a century of Wall Street scandals by Frank Partnoy

The hit charade: Lou Pearlman, boy bands, and the biggest Ponzi scheme in U.S. history by Tyler Gray

Can you ever forgive me?: memoirs of a literary forger by Lee Israel

The king of sting: the amazing true story of a modern American outlaw by Craig Glazer with Sal Manna

Dali & I: the surreal story by Stan Lauryssens

Undercover: how I went from company man to FBI spy-- and exposed the worst healthcare fraud in U.S. history by John W. Schilling

Currency wars: how forged money is the new weapon of mass destruction by John Cooley

Charlatan: America's most dangerous huckster, the man who pursued him, and the age of flimflam by Pope Brock

A nation of counterfeiters: capitalists, con men, and the making of the United States by Stephen Mihm

Fakes & forgeries: the true crime stories of history's greatest deceptions: the criminals, the scams, and the victims by Brian Innes

God wants you to roll: the $21 million "Miracle Cars" scam-- how two boys fleeced America's churchgoers by John Phillips III

Eyeing the flash: the education of a carnival con artist by Peter Fenton

Con man: a master swindler's own story by J.R. Weil; as told to W.T. Brannon; with an afterword by Saul Bellow

Catch me if you can [sound recording] by Frank W. Abagnale

The land that never was: Sir Gregor MacGregor and the most audacious fraud in history by David Sinclair

Drake's fortune: the fabulous true story of the world's greatest confidence artist by Richard Rayner

Born to steal: when the Mafia hit Wall Street by Gary Weiss

The art of deception: controlling the human element of security by Kevin D. Mitnick and William L. Simon; foreword by Steve Wozniak

The museum of hoaxes: a collection of pranks, stunts, deceptions, and other wonderful stories contrived for the public from the Middle Ages to the new millennium by Alex Boese

Players: con men, hustlers, gamblers, and scam artists by edited by Stephen Hyde and Geno Zanetti

The poet and the murderer: a true story of literary crime and the art of forgery by Simon Worrall

Son of a grifter: the twisted tale of Sante and Kenny Kimes, the most notorious con artists in America: a memoir by the other son by Kent Walker with Mark Schone

The adversary: a true story of monstrous deception by Emmanuel Carrère; translated by Linda Coverdale

The big con: the story of the confidence man and the confidence game by David W. Maurer

Masters of deception: the worldwide white-collar crime crisis and ways to protect yourself by Louis R. Mizell, Jr

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