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Thorndyke Thoughts

Hey Kids!
No, I haven't shrunk! Remember my little friend LB? Well he had himself an adventure recently. He snuck into a librarian's suitcase and traveled all the way to the Dominican Republic! Man, he's so lucky to be travel size. I think someone would notice if I tried to do something like that. Any who, LB told me all about the fun things that he did. Sounds like the DR is a pretty fun place! You should check out some of the books we have at the library and read about it!
He got to go to the beach! They stayed at a pretty condo in Cabarete. Cabarete is the Kitesurfing capital of the Caribbean, and has hosted several World Championships. It's like surfboarding with a kite! But LB didn't get a chance to try that. Maybe next time. He did spend a lot of time reading on the beach though. And drinking frozen lemonade. And making sandcastles. Do you like to make Sandcastles?
LB also got to ride in an airplane, but he said it was cold and dark. I guess that's what happens when you travel in the cargo hold...
Now that he's home, LB can't wait to go on another adventure soon. He's already thinking about who's suitcase he'll sneak into next! I can't wait to hear all about it! Since I don't ever get to leave the library, hearing about LB's adventures is super exciting for me!

Bear Hugs!