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Spend $10 on March 31

Many efforts are underway ahead of the stimulus packages being presented by Congress and BHO.
One is Spendten. This plan is apparently trying to help our economy by having sponsors pledge to spend $10 on March 31 for something they didn't intend to. I can't predict how effective this idea will be, but I do know that I end up unintentionally spending that amount (or much more) almost daily, so I and many others are included in the effort by default. The plan encourages spending on services and products made in the U.S. to have the most impact.
It appears that at least a few foreign investors are also interested in helping us out with Spendten. They are putting their $10 into our local real estate. (Outside buyers drawn to Detroit's foreclosed homes).
However, before you rush out to pick up 10 for yourself, consider property tax implications and that you may be getting exactly what you pay for...