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On the Road Again

A little bit of nostalgia arrived at the library this week. Growing up, Sunday nights were always reserved for a wonderful little series called Road to Avonlea. This series expanded on the Story Girl Books by L. M. Montgomery and was filmed on the author's home soil of Prince Edward Island. Watching the stories of Sarah, Felicity, Gus, Felix, Aunt Hetty and many others was my first introduction to period films. The stories always appealed to everyone in our family (including my dad!). It was always fun to see who the guest star was that week, a notable list that included actors like Christopher Reeve, Christopher Lloyd, Stockard Channing, Faye Dunaway, and a young Ryan Gosling.
I'm thinking this will be a wonderful distraction during the week while I'm waiting for the next episode of Masterpiece Classic. Wonderful episode guides exist online if you want to watch a particular episode and can't remember its name or season. My favorite is the Road to Avonlea Guide &mdsh; but watch out! Spoilers abound!
If you love good storytelling, beautiful scenery, or period films--come check this series out!


Wed, 2010-01-13 13:42
This was a family show for my family, too, and seeing it here brings back a ton of memories. I'm so excited to have it here at the library!