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Reality Chicks

Selected Nonfiction written by women.

Queen of the oddballs : and other stories from a life unaccording to plan by Hillary Carlip — A pop culture obsessed childhood — starting with dressing as Holly Golightly in 3rd grade.

The between boyfriends book : a collection of cautiously hopeful essays by Cindy Chupack — A writer for Sex and the City offers her tales of serial dating.

Candy girl : a year in the life of an unlikely stripper by Diablo Cody — A frank account of becoming a stripper — in Minneapolis of all places.

The late bloomer's revolution : a memoir by Amy Cohen — At 35 the author decides her life needs a jumpstart.

I was told there'd be cake : essays by Sloane Crosley — Quirky, funny essays from a 20-something New Yorker.

But enough about me-- : a Jersey girl's surprising adventures through the celebrity looking glass by Jancee Dunn — A Rolling Stone journalist shares her giddy enjoyment of celebrities she has interviewed.

Split : a memoir of divorce by Suzanne Finnamore — A dark visceral humor suffuses this memoir of the author’s divorce.

The year of yes : a memoir by Maria Dahvana Headley — An NYU student decides to say yes to anyone who asks her out.

Such a pretty fat : one narcissist's quest to discover if her life makes her ass look big, or why pie is not the answer by Jen Lancaster — A comic, honest look at weight loss.

Helping me help myself : one skeptic, ten self-help gurus, and a year on the brink of the comfort zone by Beth Lisick — After a rough New Year’s Eve, the author spends a year trying different self help methods.

Lopsided : how having breast cancer can be really distracting by Meredith Norton — An intense and surprisingly humorous narrative of surviving breast cancer.

Autobiography of a fat bride : true tales of a pretend adulthood by Laurie Notaro — Notaro views newlywed life with her trademark skewed humor.

Drunk, divorced & covered in cat hair : the true-life misadventures of a 30-something who learned to knit after he split by Laurie Beasley Perry — Knitting becomes a lifeline after divorce.

Snake hips : belly dancing and how I found true love by Anne Thomas Soffee — Recently dumped and floundering, Soffee tries a “Belly Dancing for Beginners” class.

Devil in the details : scenes from an obsessive girlhood by Jennifer Traig — A childhood with OCD is recounted with excruciating hilarity.

Assassination vacation by Sarah Vowell — An irreverent road trip of places immortalized by presidential assassinations.

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