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I'm Feeling Very Olympic Today

The 2010 Winter Olympics begin on Friday in Vancouver, Canada. While I can't imagine you'd have time to squeeze in a movie with all those exciting sports events on, there are several family films with an Olympic bent.

Cool Runnings tells the story of the very first Jamaican Bobsled team. A Caribbean country in the Winter Olympics? They'd have to be the ultimate underdog.

D2: The Mighty Ducks continues the story of a peewee hockey team and their Lawyer turned Minor League Hockey Player Coach as they compete in the Junior Goodwill Games. Of course, the Ducks employ their signature "slapstick" to win games and learn life lessons

Miracle stars Kurt Russell and retells the story of the 1980s Mens Hockey Team. Relive the miracle, or experience it for the first time.

In Ice Princess a Geek applies Physics to Ice Skating for a college scholarship project and rediscovers her love for the sport.

Happy Viewing!


Tue, 2010-02-09 20:17
Cool Runnings is one of my favorite Olympic movies! I'll be more cheerful tonight because the Jamaican Bobsled Team song will be running through my head. One of my other childhood favorites that the library doesn't own is The Cutting Edge, the story of an ice skater and hockey player who have to overcome their personalities to get to the Olympics. Great selection of movies for winter viewing, millardr!
Thu, 2010-02-11 14:15
Toe pick! I like that movie too! :)