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Computers can often be a pain. Library computers perhaps more often; after all, you can't usually use the same computer every time and all your files wouldn't be there even if you could. A USB flash drive makes things easier — but what happens when the keyring breaks? When you forget to unplug it and take it with you? Plus, you can't install software on library computers.

Luckily, there are tons of solutions to your common computer problems on the web and available 24/7 from any computer — including those here at the library.


Office Apps: You have many choices of online productivity software. These tools bundle the functionality you've come to expect from Microsoft Office with online storage and the ability to collaborate on and share your work. Some great examples:
Faxing: We have a self-serve fax kiosk available in the lobby. If you're working on our computers, perhaps a free fax service might be worth a shot? I haven't tested any of these — let me know in the comments if you do!

PDF files, filling out: PDFs can be painful to work with if you don't have the full Acrobat suite. Fill Any PDF Form tries to fix that somewhat with an easy-to-use web-based filler-outer thingy. If you just need to type in a few things, this is a great solution.

Diacritics: ¿Ever just need an eszett (ß) or a circumflexed u (û)? is a brilliant way to type in other languages quickly.

Images & More

Yes, you can make a masterpiece in Microsoft Paint. If you have real image editing chops, though, that probably sounds rather unappealing.

Creative Tool Suite: has tools for various types of graphics plus music and other audio. The tools are completely online — you even save your in-progress files online to revisit later.

Image Editors, quick: When you just need to move some pixels around:
Video Editor: There are other online tools, but YouTube's is the newest, simplest, and highest-profile.

Know of other handy online tools? Link to them in the comments for us all to enjoy!