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Best Ways to Ask a Librarian

If you are looking for information, asking a librarian is a safe bet. To get the most out of your interaction, follow these simple tips:
  • Be specific: the librarian will only know what you tell him/her, so be sure to give all the necessary information up front. The librarian can work from broad categories down into specifics, but starting with all the information will find better information faster
  • Don't wait until the last minute: While a web search only takes a second, the library moves a little slower. This is especially true if the material you want has to be requested and shipped from elsewhere
  • If you want more, ask: The toughest part of a search is finding the first relevant piece of information. After that, it gets easier. Asking for more while still at the desk will increase the likelihood of finding all the information you want
  • Ask for fun, too: While librarians specialize in only a few genres or subjects, all of them know how to tailor recommendations to your tastes. If you like a certain genre or author, librarians have the skills to find other stuff you're sure to like