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30 Notable 30s

Canton Public Library is celebrating its 30th birthday this year, so it seems like the perfect time to note some of the other notable 30s in our history and popular culture:
  • The Thirty Years War lasted from 1618-1648. Fought primarily in what is now Germany, it eventually involved most of Europe. Although it began as a religious conflict it gradually  turned into one of the most desctructive in European history
  • thirtysomething. This television popular drama about baby boomers in their thirties ran on ABC from 1987-1991. It centered on the characters of Hope & Michael Steadman as played by Ken Olin and Mel Harris
  • 30 days has September, April, June and November!
  • Zinc's atomic number is 30
  • Aesop's Fables were translated by Phaedrus in the year 30 AD.
  • There are 30 stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average
  • Wisconsin became the 30th U.S. state on May 29, 1848
  • Magglio Ordonez! This Detroit Tiger fan favorite wears the number 30.
  • Chris Osgood! The veteran Detroit Red Wings goalie also wears the number 30
  • The second "point" scored in a tennis game is 30
  • 30 Rock. This Emmy Award winning NBC comedy takes place behind the scenes of a fictional comedy series that airs on NBC. 30 Rockefeller Center is also the real address of the GE Building in New York City where the real NBC studios are. Got that?
  • 30 days of night is a popular graphic novel by Steve Niles that was made into a film starring Josh Hartnett
  • "Don't trust anyone over thirty" was a popular rallying cry of youth in the 1960s. It was first attributed to Jake Weinberg, the 24-year old leader of the Free Speech Movement at the University of California at Berkeley in 1965. The actual quote was "We have a saying in the movement that we don’t trust anybody over 30."
  • 30 Minute Meals is a popular show on the Food Network starring Rachel Ray which has spawned several cookbooks
  • Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo. This 1944 film starring Spencer Tracy, tells the story of Col. James (Jimmy) Doolittle's bombing raid over Tokyo four months after the attack on Pearl Harbor
  • The Thirty Days War - also known as the Greco-Turkish War of 1897 - was fought between the Kingdom of Greece and the Ottoman Empire
  • The Thirty Year's Peace was a treaty between the ancient Greek city-states of Athens and Sparta, bringing an end to the First Peloponnesian War. However, it only lasted for thirteen years, starting the second Peloponnesian War
  • Calvin Coolidge was the 30th president of the United States
  • Marc Antony and Cleopatra both died in the year 30 BC.
  • Thirty is the minimum age for United States senators
  • Noah's Ark was 30 cubits hight according to the Book of Genesis. What's a cubit? It was the first recorded unit of length and was based on the length of one's forearm
  • The last baseball pitcher to win at least 30 games in one season was Denny McLain of the Detroit Tigers. He actually finished with 31 and he did it in 1968 - the same year the Tigers went on to win the World Series in seven games
  • Speaking of baseball, there are currently 30 teams in Major League Baseball - 14 in the American League and 16 in the National League
  • There also 30 teams in the National Hockey League
  • 30 for 30 is a series of ESPN documentaries that chronicle 30 stories that changed the sports world since 1979 (the year the cable station began broadcasting)
  • There were 30 dynasties in ancient Egypt
  • There are 30 variations in Bach's Goldberg Variations
  • William Shakespeare's Sonnet 30 is one of his most well-known. It contains the line "remembrance of things past' which later inspired the title of Marcel Proust's semi-autobiographical novel
  • Nonillion is the number 1 followed by 30 zeroes. As in "I wish I had nonillion dollars!"
  • The notation "-30" has been traditionally used by copy editors and journalists to indicate the end of a story. Or in this case, a blog post. -30


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Awesome blog SuzyQ! Enjoyed and learned much.
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Very cool, clever blog! Enjoyed it.