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Adrienne Young

A nice pickup for the library (or for anyone to buy at the local music store or download from places like Rhapsody, iTunes, etc.) would be Adrienne Young. She and her band, Little Sadie, just released their third album, Room to Grow. Others--The Art of Virtue and Plow to the End of the Row--are equally good. Young has a wonderful voice and delivery that works well with her blend of folk, bluegrass and country.

TAB Review: High School Musical

Singing? Check. Dancing? Check. Teens squealing through a musical version of high school? You got it. What began as a made-for-the-Disney-Channel TV movie is now a DVD, perfect for those Sweet Sixteens and slumber parties where pink-clad thespians can ask who's cuter: Vanessa or Ashley, or whether Vanessa and Zac are right for each other, or who on the basketball team is the absolute dreamiest. I needn't answer all of these tricky questions for you: You can see for yourself in High School Musical, a simple yet earnest film about the making of... a high school musical.

TAB Review: Nanny McPhee

The movie, Nanny McPhee (Emma Thompson), is the story about seven naughty children who do not use simple manners such as saying "please" and "thank you" and do not behave well with adults. These seven children of Mr. Cedric Brown are the hardest bunch to handle and have made 17 nannies leave their jobs. Cedric Brown loves his children but does not spend as much time with them as he did when his wife was alive. Soon, Nanny McPhee comes into their home and changes everything about the children. After Nanny McPhee comes in, the children start going to bed on time, get up from bed on time, and learn there manners. These children, who meant trouble, are turning into sweet, loving little children.

TAB Review of Cardcaptor Sakura Master of the Clow Volume 6

There isn't any fighting in this novel, but a lot of people leave. To begin with Eriol, Nakuru, Souppy, and Mizuki go back to England. After Sakura changed the last Clow Cards into Sakura Cards and then became the strongest magician, she replaces Clow Reed, they had no further need to stay in Japan; although they were all said to say good bye to their friends. Especially Nakuru, she never got to go out with Toya. (Mostly because Toya didn't like her and was only nice because of Yukito) There's also the surprise of Eriol and Mizuki being in love. Before leaving Eriol tells Sakura "When you find out someone close to you is going away, far away...

TAB Review of Cardcaptor Sakura Master of the Clow Volume 5

This is a sequel to the series Cardcaptors; This series takes place after Sakura has captured all the Cloe Cards. The series has new transfer students and strange magical occurences. Then Sakura starts haveing strange dreams. The series also has Sakura turning the Clow Card into Sakura Cards, while Clow Reed tests her skills as a magician. And if that's not enough Syaoran discovers he loves Sakura, but is afraid to tell her. This volume starts with one of Sakura's dreams; in which she's at Tokyo Tower and she sees people (and an animal) who looks like Clow Reed, Yue, and Kero. When she tells Syaoran and Kero about her dream they decide to visit the Tokyo Tower.

TAB Review of Tsubasa Volume 1

This volume begins with Princess Sakura visiting her child hood friend Syaoran after he returrns from an archaeological dig. The characters from this series may look like there counter parts from Cardcaptors, but theyt are older and have completely different personalities. (Okay so they have a lot in common like Syaoran and Sakura being in love, Toya hating Syaoran for loving his sister, and a few more, but there are also a lot of differences) Anyway in this story, like Cardcaptors, Sakursa and Syaoran haven't told each other that they love each other. But Sakura decides to surprise Syaoran at the dig and tell him she loves him, but a symbol is uncovered that has a weird reaction to SAkura's presence.

TAB Review of Tsubasa Volume 2

This volume of Tsubasa starts in the middle of a fight that broke out in voilume 1; where Syaoran saves someone with his Kudan. Kudan are the gods of the Hanshin Republic (the first demension they go to) and everyone in the Hanshin Republic has a Kudan that looks after and protects them. The Kudan have different levels of power, and Syaoran, FAi, and Kurogane had special level (special level is the highest level a Kudan can be) attached to them upon entering the Hanshin Republic. After the fight Masayoshi, the guy Syaoran saved, offerers to show them around and help them find Sakura's feather. They also discover that during the fight Mokona has sensed one of Sakura's feathers. It turns out that there's a very good possibility that a Kudan has a feather.

TAB Review of Don't Die Dragon Fly

No, everyone this isn't another manga series. Don't Die Dragon Fly is the first book in a young adult fiction series called The Seer. It's also one of the new books in the Teens Place. In this book Sabine Rose is a teenage girl who not only has visions of the future, but she can see and talk to ghosts; which includes her spirit guide Opal (basically she doesn't see Opal, but she can hear her, which Sabine isn't always happy about cause Opal is a nag). This Story begins after Sabine is kicked out of her old school and sent to her grandma's because she had a vision of a student dying in a car crash before a dance and warned him. The guy ended up dying and a petition was made to kick her out of the school, which then led to her parents sending her away.

Best Bets Based in Schools Abroad

Looking for Summer Reading ideas with substance? Here are some best bets for Tour #2 and Tour #8 that focus on schools in faraway places. Kabul Beauty School Leaving Microsoft to Change the World Notes on a Scandal Three Cups of Tea Under the Greenwood Tree

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Meeting Minutes -- June 21, 2007

June 21, 2007
7:30 p.m.

The meeting was called to order by the Chairman, James Fausone, at 7:30 p.m. 

Present: J. Fausone, J. Gillig, G. Snow

, C. Van Auken, N. Williams

Absent: C. Young

Also Present:  J. Tabor, S. Rzetelny, R. Havenstein-Coughlin

Not Quite a Lady

Yes, it is almost time for a summer trip and, as always, one of the first questions for me is--what do I take along to read? Diehard romance reader that I am, I am opting for Not Quite a Lady by Loretta Chase. Chase is my favorite author for humorous historical romances. Not Quite a Lady is part of a series, so, if you haven't discovered her yet, you may want to start with Mr. Impossible, the first book in the series.

Yipee Kai Ay Mother . . .

Next week the latest installment of one of the most beloved action film franchises ever blasts into theaters "Live Free or Die Hard." This is the fourth film where Bruce Willis has portrayed NYPD Detective John McClane and the first Die Hard film revolutionized action films. In the 90's many action films could be described as "Die Hard on a fill in the blank. So in honor of the fourth film I give you a list of some of the better Die Hard inspired movies: Under Siege 1 and 2: (Die Hard on a Boat and a Train) I know what you're thinking what are not one but two Steven Segal movies doing on this list? But truthfully these are really fun and well made movies thanks in no small part to the villains in both films.

What have 317 adults done that you haven't?

They've signed up for Adult Summer Reading at the Canton Public Library and earned entry slips for fabulous prize drawings, like a $400 Northwest Air gift certificate! It's not too late for you. Summer reading sign up goes through July 26. Visit the Adult Summer Reading page for details, links to book suggestions and more.

Summer Blog Blast Tour

Members of the biblioblogosphere/kidlitosphere have created a really cool blog tour for authors of children's and teen literature. Check out this great lineup!