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Sources to Find Local Restaurants

There are a lot of options for going out to eat in Canton; from local favorites to international fare. If you're interested in what's available and what other foodies think about establishments, check out the following links:

Library Programs for Foodies

Children's Programs

Teen Programs

Adult Programs

Art Exhibits to Visit

Art on Display at the Village Theater at Cherry Hill — Art Exhibitions are free and open to the public Monday-Friday from 10:00AM-2:00PM.

Ford Road Art Sculptures — Public Art on Ford Road

Belle Isle Public Art Exhibit — June 18-24 on Belle Isle

Pure Michigan's Art Galleries Listing — hundreds of galleries, fairs, and exhibits

Detroit Institute of Arts — A world-class art museum in Detroit

Library Programs for Artists

Children's Programs

Tween and Teen Programs

Bring Your Badges to Life!

All day on Friday, June 24, you can bring a white t-shirt or other article of clothing to the Community Room of the library to receive a real-life version of your online badges.

Play along at home by printing out iron-on badges on your inkjet printer. Then, as you earn badges, iron them onto a t-shirt, sash, tote bag, or whatever cloth apparel you'd like.

Another idea is to print them out onto regular paper and
tack/tape them to a corkboard, refrigerator, etc.

And, artists of any age can print out the Connect Your Summer coloring book. When you finish coloring it, bring your best page to the Reference Desk so we can show it off!

2010 Annual Report

Canton Public Library connects your community.

The year 2010 at Canton Public Library can best be characterized as a year of partnerships. As we faced further budget cuts and increased usage, we looked for partners in our community to help us stretch every dollar. By teaming up with our schools, community groups, other nonprofit and service organizations, arts consortia, and businesses, we were able to maximize our offerings and fulfill our mission of connecting your community.


Our staff searched tirelessly for grants to help fill gaps in our funding. This year, we were the recepient of several grants, including an Action for Earth Grant, a partnership project between the library, the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum, and Project S.N.A.P. that allowed us to train 20 families in environmental stewardship and helped us create and install the mosiac mural just outside the Children's Library. This grant was supplied by the Erb Family Foundation Grant.

Additionally, we qualified for our second ARC grant to create a small rain garden at the back of the library, reducing the area of our grounds that needs mowing, watering and pesticide application, and adding native plants to help filter ground water and runoff.

The Giving Hope Women's Giving Circle Grant we received was used to start a book group for girls ages 5-12 and their mothers or another significant woman in their life. This grant, along with the Target Family Reading Grant, and the ALA Great Stories Grant made it possible to host book discussions for both young readers and their families as well as teens at the Starkweather Center, an alternative high school.

The Ford Road Meijer Store entered us into the Pepsi Refresh project and surprised us with a check for $400, which we were happy to accept.


Our proactive attempts to streamline efficiency and find other funding resulted in a few new iniatives. In June, we replaced our old hand sorting method with a new RFID system that both checks in and sorts materials to the proper bin for staff to place back on the shelves. Not only does this get materials back into circulation faster, it also saves hundreds of staff hours sorting and checking in materials and reduces the errors that come with handling 6,000 pieces daily. This project also saw the debut of another of our firsts — our patron education video series. We produced several videos to help educate patrons about library services, for example, how to use the self checkout.

In November, we teamed up with the Northville Barnes and Noble for our first-ever book fair. Purchases from the store or online during our fair benefitted the library.

October 2010 was the 30th anniversary of the library, which we celebrated all month with blog posts, historical photos and videos, and online contests. It was amazing to see the growth of Canton from a small farming community to the vibrant, thriving population of 90,000 that we have today. As a result of that growth, we also suffered through an eight-month long road construction project that widened Canton Center Road, making it easier and safer for our patrons to get to the library.

Some other notable news from 2010:
  • Our Living Book program debuted, sharing the knowledge and experiences of living, breathing people with interested patrons
  • We teamed with area business and Canton Economic Development to develop Check Out Canton, a unique offering of special savings from Canton businesses available for checkout from the library
  • Our well-received Summer School for Small Business series kicked off with seven one-hour sessions created just for the needs small business owners and entrepreneurs
  • We introduced Text A Librarian, a service that allows patrons to text message librarians for reference question or to request materials
  • Storytime sessions were added in the Tamil language
  • Our teen librarian, Anna Slaughter, received the Frances H. Pletz award from the Michigan Library Association, recognizing her outstanding service to teens
  • We created two items to help patrons understand the library's budget constraints and how we were dealing with them. A budget overview video was created and we also posted a value calculator to help patrons figure out how much replacing CPL services would cost


As we stated, 2010 was a year of partnerships. We made use of many partnerships to expand our services and offerings and offset budget reductions. Here are some of those partners:


Vital 2010 Statistics
Museum Adventure Passes Checked Out1,631
Park and Read Passes Checked Out186
Check Out Canton Passes Issued108
Wi-Fi log ins30,745
Jobs printed81,017
Reference Questions Received86,592
Adult Computer Class Attendance1,836
Summer Reading Participants4,576
Total Circulation for 20101,951,445
Total Library Visits594,492
Total Library Cardholders90,516
New Library Cards Issued7,952
Items Loaned Through MeL Interloan19,706
Items Borrowed Through MeL Interloan12,281
Items Added to CPL Collection21,540
Total CPL Employees103

2010 Financial Summary


Line ItemAmount
Property Tax5,349,475.15
State Aid30,126.38
Penal Fines55,347.56
Overdue Fines138,857.47
Misc & Contributions21,660.53

2010 Volunteers

Volunteers are a vital force at Canton Public Library. From cutting scrap paper, to digitizing historic photographs, to hosting programs, our volunteers do great work that we simply could not do without them. If you enjoy the Secondhand Prose bookstore, you've reaped the rewards of our volunteer program; the bookstore is staffed entirely by volunteer Friends of the Library. In 2010, volunteers played an essential role, contributing over 4,700 hours, and their efforts are greatly appreciated.

2010 Donors

Canton Public Library relies on donors like you for funds that let us be extraordinary. Your donation to our operating fund provides us with supplies for our acclaimed programs, additional copies of books & more, and much more. Donating to our Endowment Fund helps secure a financially-stable future for the library.

Endowment Fund

  • Mary Jayne Archibald
  • Bruce Beyer and Martha Scharchburg
  • Dennis and Cheryl Brining
  • Stein and Emilie Brunvand
  • Dave Burgess
  • Susan Carlson
  • Joseph and Connie Chicky
  • Paul and Lena Coen
  • Sylvia Dryden
  • Friends of Canton Public Library
  • Betty Gatemen
  • Cheryl and Lewis Gehring
  • Frank and Loraine Gilbo
  • John Groske
  • John Hopper
  • Patricia and Arthur Jenkins
  • Elaine Jervis and E.J. Crown & Bridge Laboratory
  • Lawrence and Katherine Klonowski
  • Suzanne LaFountain
  • Anna Lineberry
  • John and Ann MacDonald
  • Jean Matthews
  • Microsoft Giving Campaign
  • Deborah Morgeson
  • Rita Morris
  • Kayser Nazmee
  • Richard and Roberta Oestreicher
  • Mark and Janet Ott
  • Marilyn and James Pappas
  • Nayan Patel
  • Michael and Lisa Radwick
  • Ralph and Bevis Richardson
  • Cyril and Elizabeth Riedy
  • Raju Sakthivel
  • Joseph and Joyce Savale
  • Alithea Stringer
  • Pat and Nimi Subramanian
  • Roger and Doris Swanson
  • Diane Telgen
  • Richard and Yoko Trapp
  • Mary Ann Turgyan
  • Tyco Electronics
  • Robert and Margaret Varty
  • Sara Veyo
  • Richard Walczak
  • Christopher and Sally Yokley
Contributing to the Endowment Fund is a gift that grows. The principal remains intact, while the interest will support a rich library experience for future generations of Canton residents.

Operating Fund

  • Karam Alrousan
  • Keith Armitage
  • Ardash and Charlene Apigian
  • Dennis and Lauris Bagozzi
  • Charles and Patricia Bashor
  • Barbara Begian
  • Nancy Berger
  • Christina and Steven Bergmans
  • Frank and Valerie-Ann Bernacki
  • Bruce Beyer and Martha Scharchburg
  • Bansilal Bhavsar
  • Lee and Noel Bittinger
  • Mary Bourdage
  • Brian and Adrienne Bouyer
  • Dennis and Cheryl Brining
  • Dave and Peg Britz
  • Rob and Jodie Broadwater
  • Mark and Erica Brown
  • Stein and Emilie Brunvand
  • Katheryn Burris
  • Patricia and Ovrille Butzin
  • Mary Anh Cam
  • John Cessna
  • Donna Clack
  • Elaine Clair
  • Angela and Dave Colasinski
  • John Collis
  • Kimberly Cudini-Cho and Young Cho
  • Stephen Culp
  • Hirut Dagnew
  • Sharon Danich
  • Eva and Timothy Davis
  • Pamela and Wade Davis
  • Eddie and Alberta Dean
  • Tom and Athina Demiris
  • Margie Derbyshire
  • Devz Pharmacy
  • Rhona Diamond
  • Douglas and Michelle Domas
  • Brandon Dooley
  • Richard Dubois
  • Patricia Duthie
  • Andy Ealovega
  • Scott Earls
  • Daniel Edelbrock
  • John Edwards
  • Geraldine and John Edwards
  • Veronica Fair
  • Francoise Fairfield
  • James Fausone
  • Mark and Peggy Fenwick
  • Charisse and Timothy Fesko
  • Bruce and Carey Fette
  • Andrew and Pamela Folgmann
  • The Foremans
  • Kristofer Forsyth
  • Paul and Patricia Gackenbach
  • Suresh Gadiyaram
  • Christy Garrett
  • Virginia Garner
  • Annette Garner
  • Harriet Gill
  • Gerry Goetzke
  • Suzanne Goins
  • Charles Guideau
  • Dan Gulvadi
  • Vijayendra Hadagali
  • Scott and Donna Harrison
  • Michael Hinojosa
  • Julie Hirchert
  • Jennifer and James Hoffman
  • Sandra Houdek
  • Carol Howe
  • Michelle and Charles Huff
  • Tanveer Hussain and Premier Rehab Services, Inc.
  • Norine Jachym
  • Anthony Jackson
  • Saloni Janveja
  • Elaine Jervis and E.J. Crown & Bridge Laboratory
  • Kathe' Johnson
  • Rosemary Jones
  • Srinivasa Julakanti
  • Ibrahim and Melissa Kandah
  • Jill Karolyi
  • Drishanu Kaushik
  • Majid Khan
  • Matthew Kiriazis
  • Richard Koch
  • Bruce Koldys
  • Vijay and Manu Kotha
  • Darrell Krause
  • Patricia and Scott Krumwiede
  • Gerald Kuehnel
  • Philip Kupras and Sandra Kupars
  • Cindi Kwiatkowski
  • Louis and Rose Lambert
  • Lynn Langley
  • Jennifer Lary
  • L. Lawson
  • Brian Lewis
  • Loretta Loftus
  • Mary MacDougall
  • Alexandra Madias
  • Angela Martin
  • Megan and Bruce McCulloch
  • Donna McEvilly
  • Mary Louise Meade
  • Kishor Mehta
  • Edward and Barbara Mier
  • Christine and Ian Moore
  • Carole Moranty
  • Rosemary Morbitzer
  • Robert Morley
  • Karen and Gregory Movsesian
  • Betty Mulder
  • Kris Munroe
  • Haxhi Mydinllari
  • Donald and Patricia North
  • Dianne Nranian
  • Daniel and Diane Nymberg
  • Joseph O'Brian
  • Steven and Sheryl Olech
  • Edward Onoro
  • Mark and Janet Ott
  • Tom and Barbara Parker
  • Kathleen Pasto
  • Vipul and Minal Patel
  • Patricia Perry
  • Steve Poe
  • Gangur Prabhakar
  • Julie and Patrick Predd
  • Pete Przybocki
  • Mary Rae
  • Clifford Rager and Sally Swift
  • Julianne and Richard Raven
  • Ester Richards
  • David and Lois Richardson
  • Ralph Rochon
  • Michael and Barbara Rodenberg
  • James and Deborah Rogers
  • Elaine Rosati
  • Joanne Rouleau
  • Kathleen Rucinski
  • Anthony Rugiero
  • Ruth and Arthur Ruhl
  • Christine Rupkey
  • Rusty Nail Lounge
  • James and Tracy Rutter
  • Jeanette and Gary Salata
  • Joyce and George Sandor
  • Jane Sauchak
  • Ilene Saunders
  • Sarah and Philip Savage
  • David and Suzanne Savard
  • Jacob and Dawn Sayn
  • Mira Shah
  • Somil and Pritiben Shah
  • Yungsen Sheng
  • Todd Shepherd
  • Martin and Carolyn Shewman
  • Linda and Edward Simon
  • Mary and Jeffrey Singer
  • Narayanan and Laxmi Sivashankar
  • Elaine Smith
  • Jennifer and Bryan Smith
  • Wayne and Diane Smith
  • R. Snyder and C. Snyder
  • Mary Beth and Joseph Sotak
  • Glenn and Rochelle Sparschu
  • Sandra Staneff
  • Kannan and Barbara Stanz
  • Kathleen Stewart
  • Carlene Stolaruk
  • Ryan Strum
  • Joshua Styron
  • Svelta Subbiah and Suri Systems
  • Barbara Swanson
  • Karen Szymanski
  • Gary Thompson
  • Deborah Tofil
  • Lawrence and Cynthia Tremonti
  • Allison Tucker
  • Ted VandenBerg
  • Christine Vetter
  • Mary Via
  • Pamela Vohra
  • Kristen Waarala
  • Stephanie Walker
  • Susan Watkins
  • Douglas Weber
  • Mary Weishaar-Wall and Robert Wall
  • Karen and Damon Welling
  • Whitney Westwood-Ortiz and Benjamin Ortiz
  • Karen and Thomas Wilson
  • Gregory Wolf
  • David Wright
  • Kathleen Wright
  • Dennis Wrubel
  • Kathy and James Young
  • Kathryn and Derry Yourman
  • Dawn Zuber
Contributing to CPL's operating fund helps cover present expenses. If you want to help improve the library's financial standing now rather than for the future, the operating fund is an excellent choice.

Celebrate Dr. King

Saturday, January 15 would have been Martin Luther King Jr.'s 82nd birthday. We celebrate his life, his message, and the spirit of the Civil Rights movement on the third Monday of every January. For some, this means a day off of work or school; for many others it's a day of community service (Find volunteer opportunities on the All for Good site). Whether you choose to serve, attend special community events, or simply reflect, Canton Public Library has useful resources for you:

Martin Luther King — Books

Behind the dream: the making of the speech that transformed a nation by Clarence B. Jones and Stuart Connelly

The Word of the Lord is upon me: the righteous performance of Martin Luther King, Jr. by Jonathan Rieder

What would Martin say? by Clarence B. Jones and Joel Engel

30 Fugitive Facts

Before the internet, librarians needed a way to get quick answers to patrons' frequently-asked questions. To accomplish this, many libraries, including CPL, used a small file called a "Fugitive Fact" file. Below are 30 highlights from CPL's ready reference file:
  1. Indian Place Names — United States
    • Alabama — I clear the thicket
    • Arizona — Small Spring
    • Arkansas — Meaning--unknown
    • Connecticut — Long River
    • Idaho — Light on the mountains
    • Illinois — Tribe of men
    • Iowa — This is the place
    • Kansas — Swift wind
    • Kentucky — Land of tomorrow
    • Massachusetts — At the great hill
    • Michigan — Great water
    • Minnesota — Sky-colored water
    • Missouri — Meaning--unknown
    • Nebraska — Flat water
    • New Mexico — after Aztec war god
    • North Dakota — Friends
    • Ohio — Great river

Living Book: Tom Leib

My name is Tom Leib. I am a licensed doctor of naturopathic medicine. I treat patients with herbs, oil, and massage. My office is currently located in my home where I use reading, muscle responses, and massage to assess a patient's health. I am not a vegetarian. I also work in the auto industry.

Meet Tom and ask him your questions as part of our Living Books program. To learn more, drop by our Meet & Greet on Saturday, September 25, from 1:00-3:00PM.