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Friends' Winter Newsletter

The Winter 2011 issue of Just Between Friends, the newsletter for the Friends of the Canton Public Library, is available online now as a pdf document. This issue has features on the FOML Fall Workshop, financial information, and "Save the Date" reminders for many upcoming events.

Make Your Own eBooks

Here's a fairly-quick way to turn websites, Microsoft Word documents, and plain text files into eBooks for your portable device or computer:
  1. Go to and select "Convert text to the ePub ebook format"
  2. Select the file from your computer, or copy/paste the URL of the file into the applicable form field
  3. Set the optional settings to reflect the title and author of the work
  4. Click "Convert File" to begin processing
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to download the converted file
  6. Transfer to your reading device per the specific device's instructions
I personally use an iPhone with the iBooks app. Loading a "book" onto my phone was as easy as emailing the file to myself and tapping the attached file from the Mail app.

Many readers also display PDF files. If you wish to read long-form content from your computer on your reader device, PDF print utilities like PDF reDirect for Windows or the built-in functionality on the Mac can provide a quick and compatible way to create eReader files.

2010 Lists

Again this year, "Internet Media Maven" Rex Sorgatz is compiling a list of lists for the best/worst/etc. of the year. Among the lists is the New York Times' 100 Notable Books, listed below linked to the CPL Catalog:


Angelology : a novel by Danielle Trussoni

Tech Support in the Family

Google's recently-released site, Teach Parents Tech, features over 50 YouTube videos with friendly explanations of how to perform useful tasks on your computer. For instance, here's how to create a strong password:

You can send your relatives a "care package" of videos you think they'd find useful, or watch the videos yourself to brush up on computer skills.

Add Us To Your Phone

We have discontinued our text-a-librarian program.

2010-11 Budget Overview

To learn more about the value CPL provides, check out our new Library Value page and calculator.

Please Hold

Ever since we've had hold music on our telephone system, it seems we've been committed to letting people know what we're playing. The picture above is from our Fugitive Fact File (more on that in a coming post) and shows that we kept a record of which songs played over the phone system.

For our present phone system, we've loaded our MP3 player with select Creative Commons-licensed jazz and other recordings from the Internet Archive: Special thanks to the artists for releasing their wonderful music for the world to share! If you're interested in open access to information, check out Open Access Week (this week!).

When It Drops

When it drops is an attractive, concise website for seeing all the new movies, albums, DVDs, video games, and books that come out in a given week. It also features an RSS feed. [via kottke and The Daily Dish]

Looking for a quick way to see what's in our catalog on other websites, such as When it drops? Try our bookmarklet, available on our Tools page. Not familiar with bookmarklets? Read how to use them.

Mario Vargas Llosa wins Nobel

Acclaimed Peruvian author Mario Vargas Llosa has won the 2010 Nobel Prize in Literature. This author of over 30 novels and winner of the prestigious Cervantes Prize is the first South American winner of the literature Nobel in nearly 30 years; since Gabriel Garcia Marquez won in 1982.

Looking for books by this decorated author? Canton Public Library has a few:

The bad girl by Mario Vargas Llosa ; translated from the Spanish by Edith Grossman

The notebooks of Don Rigoberto by Mario Vargas Llosa ; translated by Edith Grossman

The way to paradise by Mario Vargas Llosa ; translated by Natasha Wimmer

Mad Men at CPL

The New York Public Library posted a list last month with many of the books that appear or are mentioned in the acclaimed TV series Mad Men. If you love the show, or are looking for what people may have read in the 1960s, these are the titles from the NYPL list that CPL has:

The best of everything: a novel by Rona Jaffe

The chrysanthemum and the sword: patterns of Japanese culture by Ruth Benedict; with a foreword by Ezra F. Vogel

Exodus by Leon Uris

Making Summer Reading History

We've shown CPL's history with Summer Reading… but what about recent history? Our 2010 program was huge and successful, despite road construction and further budget constraints. The above video shows just some of the activities and programs hosted at the library. We were busy this Summer!

Still Fly

Shareholders of United Airlines and Continental Airlines approved the stock-swap merger that will create the world's largest airline. For background on airlines and mergers, check out these materials:


From worst to first [electronic resource] : behind the scenes of Continental's remarkable comeback by Gordon Bethune with Scott Huler

The Airline industry by edited by William M. Leary

Living Book: Laura Kardel

My name is Laura Kardel and I have been a homeschooler for the past seventeen years. During that time I have homeschooled my five children — aged 13, 15, 24, 26 and 28. Although not a teacher by trade I do have a B.B.A. from Eastern Michigan University. My three oldest homeschooled graduates have gone on to get their bachelor degrees, and two are pursuing their MBAs at the Wharton Business School and Duke University.

Meet Laura and ask her your questions as part of our Living Books program. To learn more, drop by our Meet & Greet on Saturday, September 25, from 1:00-3:00PM.

Living Book: Dr. David Monroe

Dr. David Monroe is a Licensed Professional Counselor and hospital chaplain. His primary focus is marriage counseling, though does do some individual psychotherapy. Dr. Monroe tells us about career options in his field, and about how men and women communicate.

Meet Dr. Monroe and ask him your questions as part of our Living Books program. To learn more, drop by our Meet & Greet on Saturday, September 25, from 1:00-3:00PM.