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Oxford Islamic Studies Database

What Everyone Needs to Know About Islam: book coverOxford Islamic Studies is now available on our database page and also via remote access with a Canton Library Card. This allows one to explore the Qur'an by chapter or specific location, compare and contrast translations line by line, or find the context in a concordance for almost any word in the text. Included are articles on the historic development of Islam and biographies of major figures impacting it. Chaptered works such as John Esposito's "What Everyone Needs to Know About Islam" are a separate section. Primary source documents include editorial commentary and historic context for important events. Images and maps provide perspectives on global Islam and feature articles examine current events. Learning resources, thematic guides, lesson plans, bibliographies and glossaries are also available for instructors or students.

Muslim Journeys Grant

Due to a Humanities Grant from the American Library Association, our library has received books and DVDs that are reflective of Islamic history, life, art and culture. Included are both novels with a historic backdrop as well as biographies and reference material. Here is a list of our new titles:

The house of wisdom: how Arabic science saved ancient knowledge and gave us the Renaissance by Jim Al-Khalili

House of stone: a memoir of home, family, and a lost Middle East by Anthony Shadid

Mental Health Resources

Good mental health is important for everyone and totally necessary to maintain a happy outlook and balanced perspective in these stressful times. Here are some library sources and community resources that can help:

Understanding Mental Health

How to find mental health care for your child by Ellen B. Braaten

How to use herbs, nutrients, & yoga in mental health by Richard P. Brown, Patricia L. Gerbarg, Philip R. Muskin

Bible Fiction

Bible Fiction are stories whose characters may not all be real people and contain some events which may not be true, but are generally based on background history, stories or prophecies from the Bible.

Christmas Customs, Why Are They?

Who made the first Nativity scene? What is the symbolic meaning of the candy cane, the holly leaf or the Christmas tree? How did the legend of Santa Claus begin and why is kissing associated with mistletoe? Answers to these questions and the origins of other traditions can be found at this page about Christmas Legends.

To check out information on Christmas customs, crafts, recipes, movies, music, stories, legends, and more, check out these sources in the library to enhance your enjoyment of this holiday season.

Senior Book Group Meets November 29th


The three Weissmanns of Westport by Cathleen Schine

Senior book discussion meets on Thursday November 29th to discuss The Three Weissmanns of Westport" by Cathleen Schine. A mother and two daughters are brought together to escape the poverty brought on by divorce and career reversals. A wide ranging cast of fools, scoundrels, and  secret heroes provide an interesting interplay in this modern novel of manners.

October Senior Book Discussion

Join us on Thursday, October 25, from 2:00-3:00 PM in Meeting Room A to discuss:

Snow flower and the secret fan: a novel by Lisa See — In 19th Century China, two women find solace in exchanging messages in a secret language as they face isolation, arranged marriages and loss.

Heavenly Reads; Books About Heaven

Heaven awaits the bride by Anna Rountree — Anna Roundtree was caught up in multiple heavenly visions and became a bride of Christ in Heaven. Full of heavenly lessons, this is a very inspiring read.

To heaven and back: a doctor's extraordiary account of her death, heaven, angels, and life again: a true story by Mary C.

Decorate a Dog

Earn your "Make Tracks" badge by decorating a dog. Stop by the main help desk to pick up the outline, take it home and creatively use your favorite medium to fill it in. What will your dog be, a patchwork quilt of colors and fabrics or photos of your favorite pet? Your finished artwork will be displayed beneath the Help Desk, so do your best!

Face Your Fears

From a challenge at work to your personal quirk, everyone has a goal to achieve to better their self or their life. Here are some books which address the issue of overcoming obstacles.

Step out on nothing: how faith and family helped me conquer life's challenges by Byron Pitts

Yoga bitch: one woman's quest to conquer skepticism, cynicism, and cigarettes on the path to enlightenment by Suzanne Morrison

Dog Memoirs

Memoirs About Dogs- Some of these titles may also be available as books on CD or e-books and a few have been made into DVDs:

A dog for all seasons: a memoir by Patti Sherlock

Dog house: a love story by Carol Prisant

Drinking with Miss Dutchie: a memoir by Ed Breslin