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Ways the Community Earned This Badge

I figured out the answers to Medical Mystery #1 and Medical Mystery #2!!!

My answer was "flu" for Medical Mystery #1 but I don't know if that would be accepted because it was really "'spanish flu". On the bright side, I got Medical Mystery #2 right (it was a long word)!

Read Sleepover Sleuths

I wanted to read a small mystery book so I decided to read some of the Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew Series. The 1st book, called "Sleepover Sleuths" was actually a pretty good mystery book in my opinion. The Clue Crew is basicully Nancy Drew and her two best friends George and Bess.When these girls get invited to Deirdre's sleepover party, they are so excited! There will be pizza, cake, and even a pajama fashion show. But the most exciting thing is that the party has a doll theme. Everyone is going to bring their own City Girl Doll with them to the party! But when Deirdre's City Girls doll named Hollywood Heather suddenly goes missing and now she starts to think, is her sleepover ruined? But the Clue Crew won't let that happen! Read the book to find out what happens with the Clue Crew in their search for Hollywood Heather! I would recommend this book to beggining chapter book readers who love the taste of a mystery.

Found the T.V Remote

I wanted to watch the Tv so I went to get the remote from its "usual spot."But it wasn't there so I went looking for it and finally found it behind the coach!

Found my brother's lost D.S Pen

My brother's pen was lost and i was the detective, and I found it in the end.

find out where the bees

Wow, there is a big hive hung in bushes over my neighbor's. I am the detective.


The Penguin Problem by Abby Klein

thousands of bees

My mom called me and I saw thousands of bees around the bushes in my neighbor's. We don't know where are they from, and where are they live. It's kind of scared. I'm not a good detective.

read " Where Does the Teacher Live?"

read part of the " MATH Dictionary"

read " The Pizza Shop Mystery"


Young Cam Jansen and the Lions' Lunch Mystery by David A. Adler.

Read "Forensic Science"

Read "Crime Scene Science in the Laboratory"

Read "Case Closed: The Real Scoop on Detective Work"

Found a thumb ring of mine that went missing a while ago

it's one of my fav's so I was really glad to find it!