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Ways the Community Earned This Badge

Made some Origami Bunny Faces

I was bored so I decided to make some Origami bunny faces, an easy origami project if you ask me. I made three of them and they turned out pretty good! Maybe next time, I'll try to do something different... like a Dog Face!

made some cinnamon rolls today. Cinnabon u better watch out her i come

did some yoga and i looooove the feeling :)

Ultimate contraptions

Bead lizard and flowers

Helped my Big Sister set up a tent

Me and mom helped my big sister set up her tent for when we all were going to camp outside the house for the night, it was fun, and the tent was pretty big with 3 small seperated rooms. It was a fun tme together with just the 3 of us.

Made a nice flower card for my mom on her birthday.

I made a nice blue flower birthday card for my mom on her birthday and she loved it!

learn to make a quilt. Much fun!

Exciting after work project

Mowed the grass and pulled weeds growing in the cracks in the driveway.

wrote a new blog post

helped astranger put up a tent

prototyped a new knit hat pattern

I will likely make it in human size, too, as I continue to tweak the pattern.

Worked with hubby on an outdoor yard clean-up project

I voted.