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Go Wild


Ways the Community Earned This Badge

Read Julie's Wolf Pack

This is the Sequel to Julie of the Wolves, a Newbery Honor Award Book. Not as good as the first book, but stiil good. This book talks about the pup that was a close friend to Julie. Now the he's the leader of the pack. If you loved Julie of the Wolves, I recommend you read Julie's Wolf Pack too.

Read Julie of the Wolves

Julie of the Wolves is a great Survival story about a girl named Julie who is lost in the Artic and finds some ways to communicate with the wolves and live with them. In the book they tell about her past and the wolf pup that she makes close friends with. A Newbery Medal award Book, I recommend this book to anyone who loves Survival and a hint of adventure.

had a friend over

Had some friends over

I went camping with my family.

We went camping at Evergreen (in Canada), the Upper Penninsula, and Portage Lake (near Chelsea in Michigan).

Went looking for Cool Rocks and Seashells

When me and my family were at the beach we went looking for cool rocks and seashells. Some kids even joined us for the fun of it! In the end, we got some pretty cool rocks and some really tiny seashells. But we still had a really fun time!

Went Swimming in Lake Huron

We went to the beach in Lexington and we had a GREAT time!

garden work

helped mom cut the vine from the gourd. It's growing widely.

We Kayaked down the AuSauble River in Roscommon, MI.

I went to michigan adventure and silver lake, over the weekend.

Water rides are my favorite. Me and my friends loved both the places.

Visited Jefferson National Forest

Pilot Mountain in Jefferson National Forest

I went to Silver Lake Beach

My grandma and grandpa took me and my sister to Silver Lake Beach. We played in the water, built a castle in the sand, and had a picnic lunch.

Read a little bit of Hoot

A Very Interesting Book. Read about 5 or more chapters

Camped outside Grandma's house for the night

Spent the night out with my family at grandma's house in a tent and it was really fun, and my brothers were so hyper about sleeping in the tent that they tried to build it as soon as we arrived at 11 a.m! XD

Ate my lunch outside today

I brought a blanket and ate lunch outside today, then spent the rest of my lunch hour reading.  The vitamin D was wonderful.  The gentle breeze and chirping birds helped me relax before going back to work.