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I went to the French restaurant with my family. The food was delicious!

Made watermelon roses

Found online recipes

Tried to make an apple swan

Made a dark chocolate bowl and put grapes in it

Made a white chocolate bowl and put blueberries and grapes in it

Made Fresh Tomato Salad

Made Ice Cream

I used the recipe in this month's Women's Day magazine, that doesn't require eggs, or a special ice cream machine. Instead of the suggested mix-ins, I added crushed oreos since we like Cookies and Cream at our house. Super Yummy! 

I had lunch at the restaurant with my family.

Made Homemade Cheesecake Bites

Over the weekend, I made mini cheesecake bites with homemade caramel sauce.  They were delicious, and so worth the  effort!

Made by family muffins for breakfast

cooked Italian, mexican, Chinese, and Indian dishes for friends.

Explored using the free version of Evernote to store recipes

Not a bad option when your recipe collection includes an odd assortment of printed and online recipes. Esp for online text, EN makes it very easy to "clip" text and paste directly to a notebook. I believe there is also an option to scan & upload pages, such as recipes torn from a magazine. The doc tagging feature lets you use keywords that aren't in the recipe, so you can identify recipes used for certain holidays or seasons, for example.

I had a hot pot for lunch. I love the noodles.