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Be Creative


Ways the Community Earned This Badge

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Made an album on Shutterfly

I used Shutterfly to make an album. It was fun.  A little bit of a learning process, but now that I know how things work, the next album will be easier. 

Made a craft project using supplies from the Ann Arbor Scrapbox

Made a craft project from items at the Ann Arbor Scrapbox

We created a new game. Called Tic Tac Toe Lingo

We created Tic Tac Toe Lingo. This is how you play you pick a marble with a number on it if it has a 7 on it you put your x or o on that seventh space. If you get three in a row win. We have been having lots of fun playing this game. If you want you could make this game too!

I decoupaged an old coffee table.

Instead of trashing an old, crapped out coffee table I decided to decoupage pictures of old movie posters onto the surface. After several coats of spray shellac I have a brand new piece of furniture!

Organized quilt show.

Made 2 quilts.

read and create

I read a book to earn this badge: 
i made a frog and swan


i know itr sonds boring but it was very fun i checxked out a book from the library and i sat down read it and i said that is not hard at all and tried it! i did horrible on the first try the second was better third was amazing!


i drew this picture on a rainy day

I took a class. We use yarn, fabric, and wood sticks made owls. It's fun.

Played with legos

Made Raspberry Freezer Jam for the first time


I ready this book

I read a book to earn this badge: 
Tales of Virtue: Responsibility Adapted by TJ Dugan