Canton Seniors Book Group will meet on Thursday, June 23 from 2:00PM-3:00PM in Canton Public Library's Group Study Room A. We will be discussing SHELTER by Frances Greenslade.  Request a copy from the librarian at the Information Desk.

Shelter : a novel by Frances Greenslade

For sisters Maggie and Jenny, growing up in the Pacific mountains in the early 1970s is nearly perfect until their father dies in a logging accident and their mother drops them off at a neighbors, never to return.

Canton Seniors Book Group will meet on Thursday, May 26 from 2:00PM-3:00PM in Canton Public Library's Group Study Room A. We will be discussing KILLING PATTON by Bill O'Reilly.  Request a copy from the librarian at the Information Desk.

The Canton Seniors Book Group will meet on Thursday, March 24 from 2:00PM-3:00PM in Canton Public Library's Group Study Room A.  We are discussing THE INNER CIRCLE by Brad Meltzer.  Participants can request a copy at the Information Desk.

The inner circle by Brad Meltzer
Also available in: audiobook | large print

The Canton Seniors Book Group will meet on Thursday, February 25 from 2:00PM-3:00PM in Canton Public Library's Group Study Room A.  We are discussing Chris Bohjalian's BEFORE YOU KNOW KINDNESS.  Participants can request a copy at the Information Desk.

Also available in: e-book | audiobook | large print

For ten summers, the extended Seton family met at their country home in New Hampshire, but during the eleventh summer everything changed.

Start 2016 off right by learning something new: be it a new computer skill, better ways to invest your money, or how to use that new camera. Gale Courses offers 6-week classes on a variety of topics to usher in a new you in the new year!

The Canton Public Library offers free Gale Courses to its cardholders, and the next set of classes is will begin on Wednesday, January 13. Learn on your own schedule, and receive a certificate of completion when you've finished. Our goal is to provide lifelong educational opportunities for you to gain new skills or improve existing ones. New sessions are offered every month. Take advantage of these instructor-led courses on our databases page!

Lawrence Tech is hosting an exhibit, "Literary Masterpieces: Sacred and Secular" from January 12-28, 2016.   This includes approximately 25 rare books and manuscripts from the Remnant Trust Collection, headquartered at Texas Tech University.  This exhibition is a diverse representation of texts focusing on the quest for human freedom and dignity.   See examples of such titles as the Magna Carta (1576 printing), major religious texts, Machiavelli's The Prince, or Gallileo's Della Scienza Mechanica.  Visitors are invited to examine and touch these masterworks, and a docent will be present to discuss the significance of each item.  In addition to the public hours noted in the attachment, there are several panel discussions scheduled that highlight the thoughts of local scholars, and these are also open to the public. 


The exhibit will be in the Lawrence Tech University Gallery in the UTLC, located off the Ten Mile Rd. entrance, west of Evergreen and the M-10 Lodge Freeway (Northwestern Highway).  There is free parking on the campus.  


For further information or more detailed directions, contact the Library at 248-204-3000 or email   There is no charge for any of these events.

This is the year to check out a new language with Mango

It is a New Year so why not learn a new language for free with your Canton Public Library card?

Mango Languages offers interactive lessons and applications for PC, MAC, Android, and iOS devices. Take a moment to check out Mango today!

2015 Non-Fiction Librarians' Picks

This year three of the picks were nominated by more than one librarian: Erik Larson's DEAD WAKE, Amy Poehler's YES PLEASE, and Jennifer Lawson's FURIOUSLY HAPPY.

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author and master of narrative nonfiction comes the enthralling story of the sinking of the Lusitania On May 1, 1915, with WWI entering its tenth month, a luxury ocean liner as richly appointed as an English country house sailed out of New York, bound for Liverpool, carrying a record number of children and infants. The passengers were surprisingly at ease, even though Germany had declared the seas around Britain to be a war zone. For months, German U-boats had brought terror to the North Atlantic. But the Lusitania was one of the era's great transatlantic "Greyhounds"--the fastest liner then in service--and her captain, William Thomas Turner, placed tremendous faith in the gentlemanly strictures of warfare that for a century had kept civilian ships safe from attack. Germany, however, was determined to change the rules of the game, and Walther Schwieger, the captain of Unterseeboot -20, was happy to oblige. 

Examines the pervasive fears and myths surrounding vaccines from a mother's perspective and identifies the historical and cultural factors that cause people to doubt government regulations and the medical establishment.

Myth: Large print doesn’t publish for 6 – 9 months after the original edition.

Thanks to advancements in typesetting technology and process efficiencies, that is no longer the case. Many bestsellers are published  simultaneous to the original release. That’s right. At the same time, not 9 months later. The vast majority of remaining large print editions follow by just three months, allowing you to keep your large print collection up to date with the freshest and newest titles.  Check these New York Times Bestsellers:


Canton Club 55+ is once more offering AARP Sponsored tax preparation assistance at The Summit/Canton Senior Center.  Registration begins Tuesday, January 5, 2016.  Call 734-394-5485 between 9:00AM - 4:00PM to make your appointment (this service available February 2, 2016 - April 12, 2016).  All joint tax return appointments must be an AM appointment.  No exceptions.


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