Endowment Fund

  • Mary Jayne Archibald
  • Stein and Emilie Brunvand
  • Dave Burgess
  • Luis Carrera
  • Joseph and Connie Chicky
  • Chad Childers
  • Gloria and David Cifaldi
  • Elaine Clair
  • Paul and Lena Coen
  • Brad Czerniak
  • Eva and Timothy Davis
  • Sylvia Dryden
  • Karen Dziegeleski
  • Edward Fair
  • Francoise Fairfield
  • Friends of Canton Public Library
    [In Honor Of Dr. James Gillig]
  • Jack and Betty Gatemen
  • Cheryl and Lewis Gehring
  • Frank and Loraine Gilbo
  • Kathie Gladden
  • Suzanne Goins
  • John Groske
  • Michael and Candace Gulkewicz
  • Patricia and Arthur Jenkins
  • Bonnie Johnson
  • Mary Rita Jones
    [In Memory of John W. Terry]
  • Lawrence and Katherine Klonowski
  • Elizabeth Koch
  • Suzanne LaFountain
  • Anna Lineberry
  • Ronald and Jeanine Lowe
  • John and Ann MacDonald
  • Kathleen Macdonell
  • Jean Matthews
  • Donna Marie Meszaros
  • Microsoft Giving Campaign
  • Rita Morris
  • Betty Mulder
  • Joanne Nelson
  • Richard and Roberta Oestreicher
  • Mark and Janet Ott
  • Leo Papa
  • Marilyn and James Pappas
    [In Memory of T.N. Crumpet]
  • PFS Staff-St. Joseph Canton
    [In Memory of John W. Terry]
  • Glenn and Heather Phillips,
  • Michael and Lisa Radwick
  • Eugene and Jacqueline Rickey
    [In Memory of John W. Terry]
  • Matthew and Rose Rickey
    [In Memory of John W. Terry]
  • Cyril and Elizabeth Riedy
  • Sylvia Rinke
  • John Rog
  • Raju Sakthivel
  • Kathleen and Richard Sarten
  • Joseph and Joyce Savale
  • Mary Jean Schwartz
    [In Memory of Kevin Ostlund ]
  • Donald and Patricia Scott
  • Alithea Stringer
  • Pat and Nimi Subramanian
  • Carl Swanberg
  • Roger and Doris Swanson
  • Rosemary Terry
    [In Memory of John W. Terry]
  • Raymond and Magdalene Van Hoeck
  • Robert and Margaret Varty
  • Richard Walczak
  • Steven Wood
  • Christopher and Sally Yokley
  • Thomas and Corinne Zgliczynski

Operating Fund

Brad Bachelor
Toni Schwartz
Betty Mulder
Steven Wood

Periodical Subscriptions

Kathleen Evans [Colonial Williamsburg Foundation]

Book Donations

Shelly Pinter [In Honor of Jim Hubbard]
Jim Cardenas [In Memory of Carol Cardenas]
Kids Plus and Sparkey Preschool Staff at Stottlemyer [In Honor of Bill Swartz]